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Preparing women leaders

Preparing women leaders

I’d like to share the thoughts behind my tagline, ‘Preparing Women Leaders’, so you can know me a little better. Let’s look at the first word, ‘Preparing’. This is a strong word. ‘Preparing’ says we’re moving ahead. We’re thinking. We’re planning. We’re wanting to learn so that the next phase of our lives, whatever it might be, is even better. Think about it: even Secretary of State Hilary Clinton is preparing right now for the next phase of her life and career! We never stop.

Second word: ‘women’. Is this blog just for women? No! But my passion is helping women advance both in their careers and their lives, and I wasn’t one of the lucky ones that had female mentors along the way. So I did my best to mentor women over the years, and this blog continues that. If guys want to join in the conversation, feel free!

Third word: ‘leaders.’ Having led companies, you might think I mean running a company or an organization. It certainly means this, but as importantly, I mean ‘leader’ in a singular, personal way. We lead by taking control or our lives, our careers, and our futures. We manage our choices and the changes in our lives by leading ourselves toward the best course. By taking self-initiative, and planning for our best outcomes, we are in charge. I’ve known many women who haven’t thought of themselves as leaders, and they often become victims. A leader must be accountable to one self before they can lead others. Leaders don’t set limits on what’s possible.

In my next blog I’ll talk about how these thoughts apply to an article I just read in Forbes. Can’t wait to hear your feedback and thoughts!

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Welcome to my blog!

Hello and welcome to my website!

I am Susan Packard, former Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of HGTV. While there I worked with a team of great people to develop HGTV, Food Network, DIY, Great American Country, and several other cable networks. I left two years ago with our company then valued at 8 billion dollars.

I now do a lot of speaking to business groups, especially women, through the Washington Speakers Bureau. You can find me on their web site, www.wsb.com.

I am also writing a book to help businesswomen advance to the top of their companies. In researching the topic, I found very little written for businesswomen by a businesswoman who has made it there.

In my blog I will take each of my forthcoming 30 chapters and use them as springboards for discussion and debate. I can’t wait to begin!

I sincerely hope my blog will be a help and a guide. We need many more women at the top of companies!

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