Do I really have a substance use disorder?

 If you’re wondering whether you have an addiction (SUD), or you just want to confirm you’re in the right place exploring hope-rich recovery, see if any of these apply to you:

  1. I’m never satisfied with one drink or hit. It only begins an endless chain of craving more.
  2. I am compulsive and relentless when I want something, whether it’s shoes, double-fudge ice cream, or pills. It doesn’t matter, I’m all-or-nothing to get it.
  3. I keep seeking the high even when the good feelings have disappeared, hoping to get them back.
  4. I can be self-destructive when I use drugs and alcohol.
  5. I don’t fit in, except with the help of alcohol or drugs.
  6. I feel like I am too sensitive.
  7. I am tortured by loneliness.
  8. I am viciously hard on myself.
  9. My mind is chaotic. There are far too many thoughts competing for my attention all the time.
  10. I feel like I am never enough.
  11. I must have been dropped into the wrong family.
  12. I try hard to be perfect because I’m sure that if I’m perfect, you will approve of me.

Did you check several? If yes, please consider reaching out to a resource listed here

Even if you only checked the first descriptor,  #1, that could be telling, because #1 captures our universal common ground: When we start, we can’t stop.