New Rules of the Game

10 Strategies for Women in the Workplace

What would your workday be like if you could understand how your colleagues – especially men – succeed and win at work? And if, in understanding and applying the rules, you could win too?

Business is a team sport. Learn how to play.

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In New Rules of the Game, I’ll teach you how to cultivate gamesmanship—a strategic way of thinking regularly seen in the video game and sports worlds—and most often among men—that develops creativity, focus, optimism, teamwork, and competitiveness. Gamesmanship is a way of thinking, and it’s an attitude.

You’ll learn the Ten Rules of Gamesmanship and how to use them effectively to:

  • Compete outwardly in a healthy, collegial way
  • Build support groups in your organization
  • Approach your workplace with more lightness, and insight
  • Take loss in stride and provide the emotional distance needed to win at work
  • Step up with more grit to get the next win

I’m sharing my career story with humor and candor, including the successes and mistakes, the triumphs and some personal and career tragedies, and presenting them as teachable moments for you. Each chapter ends with tips and advice on how to practice each Rule and as such New Rules of the Game is extremely useful and practical.

But this book is much bigger than me. I also share the tales of other presidents and CEOs who have become great gamers in their own fields, providing you the insight and inspiration to play the business game smarter, stronger, and more successfully. You will be better able to coach others, inspiring your team to perform at higher levels as you drive them toward the next win.

With this lens you will come to think, and act, more like an athlete. This means showing up with confidence on the playing field and having a winning spirit. It means composure and mental fortitude. It means loving the game called business and being fueled by the raw adrenaline of winning. It means thinking like a winner.

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What readers are saying

A straightforward guide to success that deserves a prime spot on the bookshelves of career women aspiring to reach the highest corporate ranks.

Kirkus Reviews

When I read Susan Packard’s New Rules of The Game, I found many relatable truths. In our family we did not list them as ‘rules’ but we learned by my mother’s example. Difficult balancing acts, like being gracious while staying cool, and showing grit while valuing being likable to others, and if you fail, learn from it and try again. I live many of Packard’s ‘rules of gamesmanship’ through my mother’s wise examples...

— Rachael Ray, Television Personality, Businesswoman, Celebrity Chef and Author

Finding comfort competing, the importance of practicing many roles on a team, and the key role that resilience plays – these define a winning spirit. Susan’s book will be extremely useful to all women navigating career choices.

— Margo Georgiadis, President, Americas, Google

There’s no question that business advancement requires passion and a spirit of competition, as well as collaboration.  How women can express this successfully is captured well in Susan Packard’s New Rules of the Game.

— Susan Cameron, CEO, Reynolds American, Inc., a Fortune 500 Company

Teams of men and women must achieve together the long-delayed improvement of workplace terms and conditions that have been long-denied to women. I think this book will help them to win that “game” and do so sooner than perhaps they now believe possible.

— Bob Morris, Blogging on Business