I’m a media entrepreneur who lives a hope-rich life, and I do that through practices of emotional fitness.

If you’re feeling anxious, disconnected, or constantly hard on yourself, come sit by me. I’d love to hear your story.


The stories of our lives include the emotional ups and downs we all feel. I’ve found that even with pesky, unruly emotions, we can manage them well to live contented and accomplished lives. My books reflect this philosophy, as they provide guidance, tips, and stories of those who use Emotional Fitness practices. In New Rules of the Game, I highlight women in business who use grit, resilience, and team trust well. In Fully Human, I detail the Three Steps of Emotional Fitness anyone can do as an ongoing practice: self-discovery, trust-building, and We Principles.

When you apply these Steps, you can be on many days filled with gratitude. Simple. Humbling. Fully Human.

My latest book, The Little Book of College Sobriety, illustrates the Three Steps of Emotional Fitness in practice, as they apply to getting and growing your sobriety from substance misuse: self-discovery, belonging, and finally, living well as sober, hope-rich citizens of the world. That’s what I try to do each day in my own recovery.

When you practice living emotionally fit, at work and in all of life, you come to see how you’re made—with talents, gifts, and grit—and to know the joy that comes from never giving up on yourself.

Are you emotionally fit?

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When you own yourself, when you appear, you become a light by which others can see.
— Gregory Boyle