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Sarah Flint’s hand-crafted Italian shoes are a favorite for high-profile women like Amal Clooney, Cindy Crawford, and the Duchess of Sussex.  Cindy Crawford is even an investor and personal mentor in the business.  Behind the excitement and notoriety of celebrity shoe sightings, Sarah is in the business of women helping women and has made “girl power” a cornerstone of her brand.

After serving as an apprentice with shoe artisans in Italy, Sarah launched her namesake line when she was just 25 years old.  In just a few years, she has learned how to design and sell quality women’s footwear that is both sophisticated and comfortable, but doesn’t have the department store markup. 

I met Sarah at a women’s conference and was instantly impressed with her energy and enthusiasm.  It’s easy to see how she’s become such a success.  We’ve stayed in touch and Sarah was kind enough to share with my readers some of her most exciting moments, why she feels so strongly in supporting women, and the best business advice she ever received from Cindy Crawford.

How does it feel to have strong, intelligent women like Amal Clooney, Cindy Crawford, Meghan Markle and many others wearing your shoes? 

    • I am extremely grateful for the way that powerful, successful women (that I am personally inspired by) have embraced the Sarah Flint brand. I am most excited by the fact that these women are truly wearing the shoes in their everyday lives – from traveling the world to grocery shopping at home. To me that means the most, as it shows that they are choosing the brand time and again, not just through a stylist for a red carpet moment. I design shoes that women can live their lives in, and it’s incredible to see women who have all the choices in the world choose Sarah Flint.

I love this from you: “Remember to support the women around you, because girl power isn’t just a saying, it’s the future of the world.”  What does “girl power” mean to you? 

    • I believe that to be feminine is to be powerful – women shouldn’t have to choose one or the other. “Girl Power” means women and girls getting things done and walking into every situation with grace and confidence.

Why do you believe “girl power” is the future of the world?

    • When women come together, there is nothing we can’t accomplish. There are so many amazing women running for office, creating companies, starting movements, and young girls are seeing this and growing up in a world where they are encouraged to turn their vision and passions into reality.

Can you give us 1-2 examples of how you “walk the walk” (in very fabulous shoes) of “girl power” with your female colleagues and clients? 

    • I am lucky to work with amazing women that encourage and inspire me every day – both here in the Sarah Flint office and with our clients all over the world. One of the ways we embrace girl power as a brand is by featuring strong, successful women of different ages and industries through our e-newsletter and social media. I’m very passionate about building a network of incredible women who support each other and sharing their stories with our customers.

 What’s the best advice Cindy Crawford has ever given you?

    • The best advice Cindy has given me is to stay true to myself and our identity as a brand. We don’t need to worry about following trends or the “next big thing” – we believe in style without sacrifice and providing our clients with the absolute best quality at the best price. From the beginning, Cindy has understood my vision for the brand and is full of wisdom – both from a business perspective, and from her own style aesthetic and point of view.

What’s the best advice you can give women, especially those just starting a career?

    • Focus on your mission! Remember your initial inspiration, and why you started in the first place.

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